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Special Needs Planning

Caring for an individual with special needs is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for any family. Are you prepared if something happens to you? It’s imperative to ensure your loved one with special needs will be cared for and financially supported for years to come.

Special needs planning can start at any point in life. However, planning as soon as possible can ensure significant government benefits aren’t jeopardized.

Your plan may include:

  • Establishing a first-party special needs trust
  • Establishing a third-party special needs trust


If you’re caring for aging parents or another adult with declining health, guardianship may be used to protect their best interests. Guardianship should only be employed when a person’s mental or physical incapacity substantially impairs their decision-making ability. If your loved one has not prepared powers of attorney that allow someone to make decisions for them, you will need to seek guardianship.

Contact us for a consultation if you’re preparing for your future as you age, are facing an immediate need for long-term care solutions, or are a caregiver for an aging parent or someone with special needs.

We can be reached by phone at 513-672-6119 or by email at Our office is in Cincinnati, OH, with clients throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, Northern Kentucky, and the surrounding counties.

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