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Embarrassing Information: What to Tell Your Attorney

Embarrassing Information: What to Tell Your Attorney Everything.  Excuse me.  What I actually meant was ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they are going through a legal matter. They think “this is irrelevant” or…

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in an Ohio Divorce

1. Unproductive/Negative Communications and Contact with your Spouse
2. Dividing any Assets before first making a Complete Inventory
3. Communicating too much or too little of the Divorce process to your Children
4. Letting Family Members (yours or theirs) have too much influence in Your Divorce Proceedings
5. Letting Your Attorney Dictate your Divorce Proceedings

After your divorce

You’ve finally gotten the “Decree of Divorce” signed by the Judge! What now?  If children are involved, you could be facing many years of dealing with your ex-spouse on a regular basis. Many people want to know if they have…

How to plan for a divorce

Filing for divorce is a significant decision which requires planning.  Planning for potential obstacles can ease the “crisis” feeling that some people experience after filing for divorce.  Some things to consider are: Is divorce the right option for you?  Divorces…

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