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Designating a guardian of your child

A question I get fairly often is:   “If I die can I designate someone other than the biological parent to care for my child”. The short answer: Yes, but it probably won’t matter. The long answer:  When creating your Last…

Can you force a parent to have visitation with his/her child?

A question was recently posed to me regarding a parent’s ability to force the other parent to have visitation with his or her child. You generally cannot force the other parent to exercise his or her visitation if you have…

Tips for Teacher Parent Relationships after a Divorce

1. Teachers, private or public, are not in the business of enforcing custody or domestic relations disputes. You would not believe how often this is a problem. School is the focal point of most children’s days from age 5 to…

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in an Ohio Divorce

1. Unproductive/Negative Communications and Contact with your Spouse
2. Dividing any Assets before first making a Complete Inventory
3. Communicating too much or too little of the Divorce process to your Children
4. Letting Family Members (yours or theirs) have too much influence in Your Divorce Proceedings
5. Letting Your Attorney Dictate your Divorce Proceedings

After your divorce

You’ve finally gotten the “Decree of Divorce” signed by the Judge! What now?  If children are involved, you could be facing many years of dealing with your ex-spouse on a regular basis. Many people want to know if they have…

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